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Are we your business’s new IT managed service provider?

Endpoint Management

We provide secure and reliable management of all endpoint devices on your network, including 24/7 monitoring, security and OS updates.

Infrastructure Management

We can manage and maintain your network infrastructure, including servers, storage, LAN, and WAN to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Network Security

The first line of defence against hackers and malware is your network and we use the leading brands in firewalls, virus protection and VPNs to keep you safe.

Bundled Software

All of our managed endpoints get a best-in-class antivirus, anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-ransomware security suite as well as secure remote management software.

Cloud Backups

Backups are crucial to business disaster recovery and we can provide a cloud solution for all your business data to be kept safe from harms way.

User Support

Each of our managed endpoints gets access to basic support provided by us, where we can troubleshoot general computer issues.


When you are looking for new equipment, whether it’s new computers or just a printer, we can source the best from suppliers right here in New Zealand.

Strategic Planning

We work alongside your business and constantly plan and research the best ways that IT can be used to better help you achieve success.

Fixed Monthly Costs

Our billing is based on a monthly fixed cost per endpoint managed with security, management, backup and basic user support all included.